Hojack is part hard rock, part metal, part blues, part punk, with a touch of folk and hip hop. The band features Michael Johnston on lead vocals and guitar,  Doug EBear Cairns on bass, Lucas Johnston on guitar and vocals, Shane Ward on guitar and Justin Kellogg on drums.



Nightlite Mary, an alternative rock band from Upstate New York, was founded by Daniel Lovell, Paul Luisi, and Paul Nolan, who have played music together since high school. Their music blends elements of punk, folk, jazz, and funk and includes instruments not traditionally heard in rock music — mandolin, banjo and accordion.

Primarily begun as a recording project, Nightlite Mary released its eponymous debut album in 2009, followed by 2012’s “dn8-4.” In 2012, the band began playing live. By popular demand, the band released its third album, “Three,” in 2014, and added Ben Lovell on guitar and banjo. In 2015, Nightlite Mary released “Beautiful,” it’s fourth full-length release. In 2016, Dave Saville joined Nightlite Mary on drums. The band’s fifth album, “Torture Devices,” was released in June 2017, and is Nightlite Mary’s Rockshow Records debut.




Hailing from several rural suburbs outside of Rochester, Wyatt Coin consists of Jordan Schilling (vocals), Lael Dylag (drums), Dewey Richbar (guitar) – and ocassionally Jake Ostrowski on banjo. Since their debut in November 2014, they’ve toured many stages across Western NY and have received local recognition for their unique sound, which has been categorized as “Cow Punk” and compared to Gaslight Anthem, Flogging Molly and Mischief Brew. Career highlights include their debut self titled EP, on air appearances on Alt Buffalo 107.7 and Under the Skin podcast, as well as raving reviews in the Rochester City Newspaper Rochester Insomniac. They’re also proud to have their single “Guff Speaking Work Slackers” appear in the indie horror film Back Road (2018) as well as “Lights Out! Kill the Noise!” featured on a new VR video game called “Astro Karts” for release in 2017.



Ayla Huff grew up in the Rochester area and settled in Orleans County. She’s been making music since age 5. She picked up a guitar for the first time at age 12, and wrote her first full song. For Ayla, music has been the best therapy. At age 13 she began releasing karaoke covers to YouTube, and used the criticism to help her improve, later recording songs on a headset mic, and releasing those to YouTube, MySpace, and other websites.

In the years since, Ayla has released numerous original songs and covers online and playing live venues. She’s driven by a desire to bring laughter, happiness, sadness, anger, and much more out of people with her music. Her influences include Tegan and Sara, City and Color, Janis Joplin, Jimmy Hendrix, Bob Marley, Paramore, Flyleaf, Evanescence, Example, and many more.