Nightlite Mary wraps double EP release

Rockshow Records recording artist Nightlite Mary is putting the finishing touches on its newest release: a special double EP.

The Trash Heap EP will feature five all-new NLM tracks, including “All Good Things,” “Trash Heap” and “Left Behind” — all energetic rock tracks destined to rank among the band’s all-time best.

But Nightlite Mary takes a detour with The Rise and Fall of Sandy Cesspool and the Chocolate Starfish from Planet Uranus. The release is a mini rock opera — six songs and added dialog tracks that tell the story of megastar Sandy Cesspool and the power of the music industry to create and destroy art and artists.

While the subject matter is heavy, it’s approached with NLM’s sense of humor, which is at times whimsical or sardonic. And each song stands on its own, while seamlessly fitting into the storyline.

The two EPs will be packaged together and will be available on all streaming services soon.

Nightlite Mary is already working on several new projects. Stay tuned.