Nightlite Mary’s “Torture Devices” available!

Available Now!

Rockshow Records is proud to announce its first full-length release: Nightlite Mary’s “Torture Devices,” available June 20 on iTunes, Google Play, and through all streaming services. Physical copies can also be ordered through¬†

“Torture Devices” is Nightlite Mary’s fifth studio release, and was recorded live in studio to capture the essence of the band’s live shows.

The album features Nightlite Mary at its best; the hard-driving straight-ahead rock of the opening track “Enough,” the brooding blues-influenced title track “Torture Devices,” the retro-rock of “Ghost” and the punk cha-cha of “FDA” show the breadth of influences on the band’s sound, which marries gritty guitars with banjo and accordion — a hallmark of Nightlite Mary’s music. “Torture Devices” is also the debut of drummer Dave Saville, whose power and versatility is an asset throughout the album.

At the heart of “Torture Devices” is the band’s dedication to solid songwriting. Each track focuses on life, love and loss — all with Nightlite Mary’s distinctive and unique blend of alt rock, punk, pop and more.

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